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I have always been interested in the way we navigate the many challenges life presents, the meaning we make of those experiences and the resources within and outside ourselves that can support us.

I have worked with individuals and couples facing a range of difficulties, both emotional and physical from late teens to later life. I have a special interest in the impact that a health condition, whether chronic or acute, an accident or issues such as pregnancy or infertility or early parenthood, can make on our lives, relationships and sense of self. I am also interested in the impact of other important life events or losses.  But whatever the problem, I enjoy collaborating with the people I work with to discover or reconnect to the understandings, skills and values which bring vitality.

I draw on many years of experience in the NHS as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist. I also draw on skills in cognitive-behavioural therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy and mindfulness approaches. In the last ten years I have trained in systemic approaches and Narrative Therapy both within my recent NHS trust and with the UK Institute of Narrative Therapy, where I am an Associate Member. This is the approach I use most often, but I also work eclectically, consulting those I work with to use whichever  approaches are most effective for their individual situations.

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